Trinity College prides itself on a strong academic record and continued success in vocational training. In the Senior School over 49 subjects are taught giving students numerous pathways of success. See a comprehensive report on 2017 SACE results here.

  • Trinity College congratulates all Year 12 students on their excellent results for 2017!
  • Vinh Nguyen became the fifth Trinity student in recent years to attain a perfect ATAR of 99.95!
  • The top 20 students attained an ATAR above 97 (a College record), placing them in the top 3.0% in Australia!
  • 45 Students attained an ATAR above 90, with 7 more between 89.0 and 89.9.
  • 425 'A' Grades were achieved.
  • 282 students achieved their SACE.

Trinity College 2017 Top 10 ATARs

Vinh Nguyen - 99.95
Olivia Wilson - 99.45
Lydia Jones - 99.25
Alyce Heap - 99
Johannes Smit - 98.85
Callum Borchard - 98.85
Shannon Miller - 98.55
Sophie Collings - 97.95
Imogen Cox - 97.95
Joshua Southwell - 97.9

College Dux

In 2017 the College Dux is Vinh Nguyen with an ATAR of 99.95. Vinh achieved A+ in Physics, English Literary Studies, Chemistry and Research Project. He also studied part-time at the University of Adelaide where he achieved High Distinctions in Math 1A and Programing. He will receive Merit Certificates in English Literary Studies and Physics. In 2017 Vinh served as College Vice-Captain.

SACE Results