Pastoral Care

Trinity College students enjoy a supportive, caring and considered approach to Pastoral Care.

Junior School

In our Junior Schools first line pastoral support is provided by the classroom teacher and, in addition to incidental and embedded support, time is provided in each school day for pastoral care activities. In this time, teachers are able to focus directly on the development of skills for positive social interactions, emotional literacy and regulation and, positive skills for wellbeing.

Classroom teachers work closely with their Head of Pastoral Care to provide a higher level of support to students who may be facing personal adversity, behavioural challenges or social challenges.

Middle & Senior School

Our Middle and Senior Schools are characterised by a strong House system, providing a familiar home for each student, in a vertical year level grouping that follows them through their schooling. Siblings are placed in the same House. Your child’s Tutor or Mentor becomes your first point of contact with the school through your child’s middle and senior schooling years.

Students develop a strong connection to their House, supported by both their Head of House and a Tutor or Mentor to work with smaller groups of students within the House. Time is set aside for pastoral care in House groupings each day and this is a time both for the development and maintenance of positive relationships, but also for the development of skills for wellbeing, citizenship, collaborative discussion and teamwork.

Out House system provides the structure and framework for sports days, service activities, performing arts competitions and opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.

In Middle School, the Heads of House work closely with the Head of Pastoral Care and in Senior School, the Pastoral Care Leaders work closely with the Head of Wellbeing to work through more difficult concerns for students.

A Strong Safety Net

Our Pastoral Care system is supported by clear behavioural expectations and our Behaviour Management Policy. It is also underpinned by our Bullying Prevention and Intervention Policy and strong Child Safety Policy and practices. When students are facing more significant struggles with their personal wellbeing, they have access to additional support through our School Counselling service and, if required, our links to Flow Psychology and Therapeutic Services.