Trinity College students joined in the Horsemanship Program.
Students can join the Horsemanship Program.

Equestrian Centre

The Trinity College Equestrian Centre is located on the corner of Bentley and Tiver roads at Evanston South. Private lessons with College horses can be arranged for Trinity students with Helen Barnes, Coordinator and Coach of the Equestrian Program.

Helen Barnes is an Equestrian Australia (EA) Level 1 Dressage Coach and is also an EA Skills Specific Trainer and Assessor. Students in Years 10 to Year 12 can train with Helen and be assessed in the EA modules of Riding and Horse Management, which can be used towards SACE points. These qualifications are required if riders are keen to train to become an EA Introductory Coach.

The South Australian Dressage Association (SADA) is also based at the Trinity Equestrian Centre. This is an exciting development as it permits us to compete at SADA with a College dressage team. Trinity College is the first school in South Australia to have such a team in open competition. The Equestrian Centre also hosts guest speakers and displays including horse dentists, farriers and horse acupuncturists. For further information please email Helen Barnes (hjbarnes@internode.on.net) or telephone 0408 834 143 or download an information flyer here.

Horsemanship Program

The Horsemanship Program enables students from the age of eight years to learn about the care, feeding, health, riding and harness driving of a horse. The program is certificate-based which enables students to appreciate their progress and celebrate the attainment of knowledge. The program operates in eight-week blocks, between 3.45pm and 6.00pm each weekday during the term time. For further information please email Helen Barnes (hjbarnes@internode.on.net) or telephone 0408 834 143. For enrolments in the program, please email Leanne Tripa (tripale@trinity.sa.edu.au).

Competition with Trinity Equestrian

Horsemanship students have the opportunity to compete with College horses in:

  • The annual Trinity College Interschool Gymkhana. Trinity students who own their own horses are encouraged to participate in this event.
  • Royal Adelaide Show, Royal Adelaide Autumn Horse Show and Gawler Show
  • The South Australian Dressage Association schools and individual competitions

Senior School Volunteering Opportunities

Senior students are encouraged to volunteer at the Equestrian Centre for one or more days a week. Volunteers assist young riders learn about general horse care, riding, grooming and saddling. It is a requirement that volunteers have a sound equestrian knowledge base and/or have completed at least the first certificate in the Horsemanship course. For further information please email Helen Barnes (hjbarnes@internode.on.net) or telephone 0408 834 143.

Hall of Fame

Trinity College Hall of Fame inductees are old scholars who have represented a sporting team at a recognised open age national level, represented Australia at open level in international competition or held a national title or state record as an individual at open level.

Class of 2002 Greg Sugars and Class of 2013 Jamie Kah.