Trinity College welcomes students from overseas who would like to access our wonderful and affordable educational services.

Trinity College is the largest independent school in Australia with an enviable academic record that offers superb facilities for all levels of schooling. Located approximately 30km north of the Adelaide CBD, on the doorstep of Gawler the College comprises four Early Years to Year 10 schools, a Senior School (Years 11 and 12) and Montessori Preschool.

Our staff will ensure the smooth transition, education and adjustment of international students into College life. Students whose level of English would prevent them from learning effectively in the classroom may be asked to enrol in an intensive language course before taking up a place at Trinity College.

While at the College, students of non-english speaking backgrounds will be supported in a variety of ways including one to one instruction, small group classes or assistance from specialist teachers. Students attending Trinity College will have an opportunity to mix with students from many backgrounds.

For further information, please contact the Enrolment Office on +61 8 8522 0666.

CRICOS Provider Numbers:
Trinity College North - Provider Code 00374C
Junior High School (Years 8-10) Course Code 004815F

Trinity College Senior - Provider Code 02709B
Senior High School (Years 11-12) Course Code 056815J

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