Vocational Education & Training

Students in Years 11 and 12 can choose to pursue vocational education and training, an option which is currently taken up by about 30 per cent of the enrolment.

The diverse range of available courses allows students to earn credits within the SACE. They can also lead to apprenticeships and employment in the trades and sectors such as business, health, hospitality and retail. Download further information here.

  • Cert II Automotive
  • Cert II Building & Construction (Carpentry)
  • Cert III Carpentry (partial skills set – Year 12 course follows Cert II)
  • Cert II Electro-Technology
  • Cert II Electronics (follows Electro-Technology)
  • Cert II Engineering – Trinity Trade Centre (metal trades)
  • Cert II Painting & Decorating
  • Cert II Plumbing
  • Cert II Retail Makeup
  • Cert III Retail Makeup (partial skill set Year 12 only)
  • Cert II Hairdressing
  • Cert III Hairdressing (Year 12 partial skills set follows Cert II or school based apprenticeship)
  • Cert II Kitchen Operations (Cookery)
  • Cert III Commercial Cookery (Year 12 course follows Cert II Kitchen Operations)
  • Cert III Catering Operations (Year 12 – 2 days per week)
  • Cert III Hospitality – Front of house
  • Cert III Tourism (2 year course)
  • Cert III Aquatics (on site at STARplex)
  • Cert III Fitness (on site at STARplex, application process applies)
  • Cert II Outdoor Education (Year 12 – camps involved)
  • Cert III Recreation and Sport (Basketball/Netball)
  • Cert III Sport Oriented Participation (Football/Soccer)
  • Cert III Laboratory Operations (skill set Science only)
  • Certificate III Christian Ministry
  • Cert III Individual Support - Aged Care
  • Cert III Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Cert III Individual Support- Disability (Year 12)
  • Cert II Animal Studies (one semester)
  • Cert III Animal Studies (Year 12 course follows Cert II Animal Studies)
  • Cert III Horticulture (plants/landscaping based)
  • Cert III Agriculture (on-farm traineeship)
  • Equestrian Australia courses: Horse Care/Riding
  • Cert III Stablehand (Horse Racing)
  • Cert II/III Fashion Design and Construction (Year 11/Year 12)
  • Cert II Creative Industries Live Production
  • Cert III Technical Production
  • Cert II/III Song Writing & Performance (Music)
  • Cert IV Sound Production (by application only)
  • Cert III Digital Photography
    Cert III Game Design (Screen and Media - Art)
  • Cert III Game Design (ICT - Coding/Programming)
  • Cert III Visual Art (DrawingSculpture & Painting)
  • Cert III Graphic Art (Media)
  • Cert IV Interior Design (skill set – Tonsley TAFE)
  • Cert III Business (on site at Trinity College)
  • Cert III Financial Accounts Admin (Year 12 only)
  • Cert III Micro-Business
  • Cert III Retail (traineeship only)
  • Cert III Information Digital Communication Technology
  • Cert III Property Services (Year 12 must be connected to a Real Estate office)

PLEASE NOTE - Certificate III Hospitality, Certificate III Fitness, Certificate III Sport Recreation (Netball/Basketball), Certificate III Business and Certificate III Finance Administration are offered outside of school hours either after school or online. These courses contribute to ATAR and are suitable for students undertaking an academic SACE program.

Certificate III in Aquatics

This Certificate III level course is appropriate for students interested in work as a swimming coach or lifeguard. Students complete their training outside of school hours at the STARplex pool complex which enables students to combine their academic school program with vocational study. For further details, please contact Claire Goble on 8523 8703.

Certificate III in Fitness

Students can complete a VET Certificate III in Fitness as part of school studies. This course is offered after school at STARplex one day per week to avoid impact on the academic program. Students are provided with the opportunity to gain an industry and nationally recognised qualification which leads to further study or employment in fitness or personal training. For further details, please contact Claire Goble on 8523 8703.

Certificate III in Hospitality

This vocational course suits students looking for part time employment or a future career in the hospitality or tourism industry. Students can elect to study outside of school hours. For further details, please contact Claire Goble on 8523 8703.

Rural Studies Program

The Trinity College Rural Studies Centre encompasses an area of about 30 hectares and produces many commodities representative of local enterprises. The Centre produces hay, grain, grapes, award-winning wines, fruit and vegetables alongside the animal husbandry operation which focuses on sheep, goats, cattle, pigs and poultry. Students are exposed to the operation of these enterprises along with much of the underpinning theory and financial education. Students have the opportunity to achieve vocational competencies in horticulture, rural operations or agriculture through Stage 1 of SACE or through on-farm school traineeships. For further details, please contact Claire Goble on 8523 8703.

Trinity Trade Centre

The Trinity Trade Centre (TTC) offers Certificate II Engineering which aims to prepare students for entry into the metal trades. The Trade Centre boasts state of the art technology with metal fabrication machinery and welding bays equipped to deliver quality industry training in metal engineering. For further details, please contact Claire Goble on 8523 8703