Strategic Vision

Trinity needs to continue to plan for a bright future. During the course of the year, the College Board has applied much of their energy into strategic planning. Six key areas, each with a clear vision statement, have been established. Key stakeholders have been diligently working to operationalize this plan and concrete projects will be announced shortly. Achievement of the plan will enable Trinity College to continue to get the best outcomes for the students in our care and to make a positive impact on the wider community.

Read the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan here.

The Trinity Innovation & Creativity School

Creative thinking requires innovative learning spaces. The jobs of the future will require our young people to be equipped with ‘work smarts.’ Our Innovation & Creativity School offers 21st century spaces to teach our young people smart learning, smart thinking and smart doing. The Trinity Innovation & Creativity School includes:

  • State of the art innovation spaces
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive technology
  • 360 degree projection room
  • Advanced robotic opportunities
  • Lecture theatre and gallery spaces
  • Art, design, ICT, film making and animation laboratories
  • University enabled teaching spaces
  • Private and group study areas and breakout spaces
  • Project-rich marker spaces
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