The Trinity Institute

South Australia is at the forefront of economic and societal transformation. Increasingly frequent disruptions from forces such as advancements in technology and globalisation are the new normal. The changing demands of modern education have been outlined in numerous policy statements including the Melbourne Declaration, OECD 2030, Gonski review, National Curriculum and the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE). The common call in these documents is to equip young people to be life-long and self-regulated learners and Trinity College is committed to be a place not only of ‘best practice’ but also ‘next practice’. With this in mind, The Trinity Institute has been established.

The Trinity Institute, is leading a transformation in schooling to equip students with the skillsets and mindsets needed to flourish in a future employment landscape that is likely to be shaped by increased disruption and fast paced change.

In collaboration with key partners and educators from all areas of Trinity College, we are exploring and putting into practice structures that engage complexity and foster the emergence of student innovation and creativity or put simply, moving to environments where students want to learn rather than have to learn. Find out more here.