Trinity College Uniform Guidelines

The Trinity College uniform shapes an integral part of a school's personality and is very much a part of the identity, tradition and general discipline that Trinity College offers, setting the College apart by providing an individual identity within the community.

Trinity College students wear their uniform proudly at all times. Our uniform is neat, comfortable and embodies a practical commitment to doing things well.

Community consultation and student feedback has been a feature in designing Trinity College uniforms and regular reviews of the uniform and related policies are undertaken. For further information, please read the Trinity College Uniform Guidelines here.

Trinity College range of uniforms.

Trinity College Roseworthy Uniform Reveal

The secret is out - Trinity Eucalypt has been selected as the new colour shirt for Trinity College Roseworthy! Watch our students have some fun introducing the latest Team Trinity member to our community.

Trinity College Roseworthy uniforms.


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Optional Uniform Items

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