Cheering on the Trinity College Athletics team

Athletics has a rich and proud tradition at Trinity College including cross country and orienteering. Trinity College competes in several athletics events each year, including the Secondary School Sport South Australia (SSSSA) A-Grade competition, the SSSSA Cross Country Championships, the Wildman Co-Ed and Achilles Cups and the Athletics SA Nitro Athletics Challenge for school teams. Primary students are eligible for selection in the Gawler and Playford District SAPSASA teams for cross county and track and field.

Training for these events is all year round, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 3.30pm to 4.30pm on the Backroad Oval. We also have distance/cross country training in Term 2 on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Backroad Oval.

  • 2017 Athletics A1 Girls
  • 2017 Athletics A1 Boys
  • 2017 Athletics A1 Combined
  • 2017 Cross Country 15 Years Girls
  • 2017 Cross Country 16 Years Boys
  • 2017 Orienteering Senior Girls Relay
  • 2018 Athletics A1 Girls
  • 2018 Athletics A1 Combined
  • 2018 Cross Country 15 Years Girls
  • 2018 Cross Country 16 Years Girls
  • 2018 Orienteering Senior Boys Relay
  • 2018 Orienteering Junior Boys Relay
  • 2019 Cross Country 15 Years Boys

Hall of Fame

Trinity College Hall of Fame inductees are old scholars who have represented a sporting team at a recognised open age national level, represented Australia at open level in international competition or held a national title or state record as an individual at open level.