Sport at Trinity

Our mission is to provide an enriching life experience through a dedicated and inclusive sports program. At Trinity College, we enjoy facilities that are second-to-none. From our extensive grounds and ovals, dedicated indoor cricket facility, indoor pool and four-court STARplex stadium, we are truly spoilt for choice.

In 2017 the College opened the Trinity Pavilion that overlooks the Waldeck Oval and provides a space to celebrate our end of year presentation nights, home wins and Intercol. In addition to outstanding facilities, our team of experienced, dedicated, enthusiastic and decorated coaches, coordinators and volunteers makes for a sporting program that creates lifelong pathways for both recreational and elite sportspeople.

We invite you to explore our sports program and discover for yourself why Trinity College sport truly offers 'A World of Opportunity.' With over 100 state titles, Trinity has always valued and supported students to excel individually and as part of a team by offering generous choices.

Please familiarise yourself with the College Sports Policy in addition to Code of Conduct in Sport. If you play a sport outside the College, then you must play that sport for the College. Requests for exemptions must be in writing to the Director of Sport.