March, 2023

Trinity Athletes Win Medals At State Championships

March 27, 2023

Both current students and old scholars won medals at the recent SA Athletics State Championships.

Mason Lowe (Year 9) had a very busy event winning gold medals in the U/16 long jump (6.01m) and the U/16 400m (52.79s). Mason also claimed silver in the U/16 high jump and fourth placings in the U/16 100m (11.68s) and the 200m (24.08s).

Mia Devlin (Year 11) won medals in the three colours in the U/18 age group. Mia’s gold came in the triple jump with a leap of 11.17m, the silver in the 100m (12.46) and her bronze in the long jump, (5.65m).

More gold medals were won by state reps Ayden Colbourne (Year 10) and Liam Griffiths (Year 10) in the U/17 400m hurdles (57.54) and U/18 long jump (5.84m) respectively. A frequent winner in the 200m hurdles, Ayden has moved up to the 400m hurdles with immediate success. Another medal in the hammer throw went to Caelan Hewlett (Year 11) who threw 30.72m to win silver in the U/17 age group.

Stephan Pretorius (Year 10) was also a busy athlete competing in the U/16 long jump (5.40m) the triple jump (11.70m) and the high jump (1.61m). Stephan’s best result came in the javelin with a throw of 39.39m for a bronze.

Other athletes to compete at the championships were Owen Richardson (Year 10) in the U/18 100m, 200m and 400m and Charli Tomney (Year 9) in the U/16 800m.

We wish all Trinity athletes the very best of luck at the national championships that will be held in Brisbane.

A number of Trinity old scholars also had a very successful event. Leading the way were Class of 2021 alumni Jett Carlin and Lauren Smith. Both won open titles in the hammer throw. Coming back from a serious ankle injury, Jett threw 62.05m for an easy win and a fourth open title. Lauren backed up last years win with another gold, throwing 40.51m. Lauren also won gold in the U/20 hammer (42.23m) and bronze in both the U/20 discus (31.73m) and the U/20 shot put (9.61m).

Llogo Tligi (Class of 2022) is hoping to do well in the national U/20 decathlon this year. At the state championships he showed form in a number of events winning won gold in the U/20 110m hurdles (16.54) and silver in the U/20 400m (50.51s). While not part of the decathlon, Llogo is an excellent hammer thrower and won bronze in the open event (43.22m) and a silver in the U/20 with a 50.60m.

Alanah Gregory (Class of 2022) has only recently begun to throw the 600g senior javelin. However, this did not stop her from winning gold at the state championships, throwing 42.60m in the U/20 event. Alanah is the 2022 U/18 Javelin National Schools Champion.

Jordan McKenna (Class of 2012) loves competitive walking and finished fourth in two open events at the championships. His time for the 5000m was 31.57.34 and for the 10,000m the time was

Well done to all current students and old scholars on their outstanding performances.

Fringe Experience Excursion

March 17, 2023

Year 9 and Year 10 Drama and Dance students from South recently participated in a Fringe Experience Excursion.

Their first stop was at the Adelaide College of the Arts to see a performance by Aboriginal dance group the Dusty Feet Mob from Port Augusta, who invited the students to join them on stage which was a real treat.

Next on the list was a Cirkidz Workshop where the students were put through their paces learning physical theatre skills.

Their final stop was at the Garden of Unearthly Delights to see a large-scale immersive artwork called Kaleidoscope that was a mesmerising symphony of light and sound staged in a breathtaking mirror maze.

All the students had an amazing experience and unanimously declared the day – the best excursion ever!

College Swimming Records a Great Start in 2023

March 16, 2023

Trinity College swimmers have had a great start to the year with excellent results achieved at the SSSSA A Grade Swimming Championships, School Teams Swimming Championships and the first three meets of SAAS Swimming. Well done to all participants on a great start to the year!

SSSSA A Grade Swimming Championships

The SSSSA A Grade Swimming Championships is the College's most important swimming meet. It's run in a very professional environment at the SA Leisure and Aquatics Centre and we compete against the top swimming schools in the state.

Results were very impressive, with a number of swimmers winning one or more races, and several swimmers achieving 'standards', which recognize swimmers who swam exceptionally fast times.

All swimmers competed enthusiastically. It was especially impressive to see all the swimmers who stepped up to swim in older age groups to ensure we had an entrant in all events.

Overall, the girls' team succeeded in a thrilling win, just two points clear of second placed Wilderness. The boys equalled last year's excellent performance, finishing in third place. Overall, on combined scores, Trinity College finished the night in second place.

Well done to all team members: Jaidah Archibald (Year 7), Jade Below (Year 12), Sofia Carboni (Year 7), Kegan Coulter (Year 8), Emmy Cox (Year 8), Keian Curthoys-Davies (Year 11), Miella Curthoys-Davies (Year 9), Keanu Dingle (Year 8), Isabella Dowler (Year 9), Jackson Fletcher (Year 7), Mallika Fletcher (Year 8), Chelsea Goreham (Year 8), Ashleigh Heggie (Year 7), Connor Heitmann (Year 7), Patrick Herbst (Year 9), Khari Illman (Year 7), Brandon Irawan (Year 10), Allan Lam (Year 11), Ava Nesci (Year 8), Ocea Nesci (Year 7), Isaac Poole (Year 12), Phoebe Reimann (Year 11), Madison Sanchez (Year 9), Grace Seyfang (Year 11), Maxx Shi (Year 8), Sophie Skeen (Year 7), Angus Sloane (Year 9), Georgie Sloane (Year 8), Jarrad Smith (Year 10), Ruby Stocker (Year 8), Ewan Stubbings (Year 7), Harry Stubbings (Year 10), Dinith Subasinha (Year 10), Emily Towers (Year 8), Fab Towers (Year 9), Nic Vuksan (Year 11), Matthew Waligora (Year 10) and Ula Waligora (Year 9).

School Teams Swimming Championships

Congratulations to all the team members who made the long trip down to Marion for the School Teams Swimming Championships. Overall, the boys team finished in third place and the girls in fourth place. The Year 8 and below boys and girls teams were equal winners of their age group - a great effort!

The team for this event was: Jade Below (Year 12), Russell Cabural (Year 11), Kegan Coulter (Year 8), Emmy Cox (Year 8), Keian Curthoys-Davies (Year 11), Miella Curthoys-Davies (Year 9), Keanu Dingle (Year 8), Isabella Dowler (Year 9), Chelsea Goreham (Year 8), Lachlan Goreham (Year 6), Ashleigh Heggie (Year 7), Ethan Herbst (Year 11), Patrick Herbst (Year 9), Ocea Nesci (Year 7), Isaac Poole (Year 12), Phoebe Reimann (Year 11), Madison Sanchez (Year 9), Grace Seyfang (Year 11), Maxx Shi (Year 8), Angus Sloane (Year 9), Georgie Sloane (Year 8), Jarrad Smith (Year 10), Ruby Stocker (Year 8), Ewan Stubbings (Year 7), Harry Stubbings (Year 11), Nicholas Vuksan (Year 11), Matthew Waligora (Year 10) and Ula Waligora (Year 9). Well done to all.

SAAS Swimming

Well done to the SAAS swimming team for winning their first two meets.

Week 1 - Scotch College:

  • 1st - Trinity College - 394 points
  • 2nd - Scotch College - 317 points
  • 3rd - Pembroke - 72 points

Week 2 - Prince Alfred College

  • 1st - Trinity College - 362 points
  • 2nd - Prince Alfred College - 298 points
  • 3rd - Scotch College - 288 points

Thanks as well done to all swimmer who participated in these two meets: Russell Cabural (Year 11), Kegan Coulter (Year 8), Miella Curthoys-Davies (Year 9), Keanu Dingle (Year 8), Isabella Dowler (Year 9), Callum Dudley (Year 9), Mallika Fletcher (Year 8), Ashleigh Heggie (Year 7), Ethan Herbst (Year 11), Patrick Herbst (Year 9), Brandon Irawan (Year 10), Allan Lam (Year 11), Ava Nesci (Year 8), Ray Jian Ng (Year 10), Isaac Poole (Year 12), Madison Sanchez (Year 9), Maxx Shi (Year 8), Angus Sloane (Year 9), Georgie Sloane (Year 8), Jarrad Smith (Year 10), Harry Stubbings (Year 10), Dinith Subasinha (Year 10), Nic Vuksan (Year 11), Matthew Waligora (Year 10) and Ula Waligora (Year 9).

Week 3 - St Peter's College

Another win for the SAAS swimming team! Round 3 was held at St Peter's College.

  • 1st - Trinity College - 376
  • 2nd - St Peter's College - 363
  • 3rd - St Ignatius - 215

Well done to the team: Jaidah Archibald (Year 7), Russell Cabural (Year 11), Kegan Coulter (Year 8), Miella Curthoys-Davies (Year 9), Solomon de Hoogd (Year 10), Keanu Dingle (Year 8), Isabella Dowler (Year 9), Mallika Fletcher (ear 8), Ethan Herbst (Year 11), Patrick Herbst (Year 9), Brandon Irawan (Year 10), Ray Jian Ng (Year 10), Madison Sanchez (Year 9), Maxx Shi (Year 8), Angus Sloane (Year 9), Georgie Sloane (Year 8), Jarrad Smith (Year 10), Harry Stubbings (Year 10), Dinith Subasinha (Year 10), Mathew Waligora (Year 10) and Ula Waligora (Year 10).

Trinity Swimmers Excel at Long Course Championships

March 16, 2023

Trinity College students, swimming as members of the STARplex Swim Club, achieved some outstanding results at the state Long Course Swimming Championships that were recently held at the Aquatic and Leisure Centre in Marion.

A total of 15 medals were awarded to Trinity students including seven gold, three silver and five bronze. Congratulations on a fantastic team effort.


  • Ewan Stubbings (Year 7) – GOLD 50m backstroke, 100m butterfly, 200m freestyle, 50m butterfly, 100m freestyle, 50m freestyle, BRONZE 50m backstroke.
  • Harry Stubbings (Year 10) – BRONZE 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly
  • Urszula Waligora (Year 9) – BRONZE 50m freestyle
  • Madison Sanchez (Year 9) – SILVER 100m freestyle
  • Isaac Poole (Year 12) – SILVER 100m breaststroke, GOLD 50m breaststroke, SILVER 200m breaststroke
  • Patrick Herbst (Year 9) – BRONZE 50m butterfly

Other Trinity students who competed at the event with the STARplex team were Jaidah Archibald (Year 7), Keanu Dingle (Year 8), Thisali Dissanayake (Year 6), Isabella Dowler (Year 9), Lachlan Goreham (Year 6), Ashleigh Heggie (Year 7), Ethan Herbst (Year 11), Ava Nesci (Year 8), Ocea Nesci (Year 7), Isabella Sanchez (Year 6), Sophie Skeen (Year 7), Jarrad Smith (Year 10) and Matthew Waligora (Year 10). Congratulations and well done to all!

Jessica & Bodhi Selected to Attend National Constitutional Convention

March 16, 2023

Congratulations to Year 12 students Jessica Nguyen and Bodhi Wait who will attend the 28th National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC) in Canberra between 21 and 23 March.

The convention will be held at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Old Parliament House and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education (DOE), coordinated by National Curriculum Services (NCS) and supported by the Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA) and department of education from all states and territories.

As national delegates, Jessica and Bodhi were selected from hundreds of students from government, independent and Catholic schools, most of whom took part in feeder conventions in their home state or territory. Jessica and Bodhi are two of only 116 students from around Australia to attend.

The aim of the program is to provide senior students with an opportunity to become better informed about how Australia's Constitution provides a democratic framework and encourages them to take an active interest in the operation of government. The topic for the 2023 Convention is, ‘Constitutional Reform - Is section 128 still a necessary requirement to change such an important document as the Australian Constitution?’

Emeritus Professor John Warhurst AO will facilitate the convention where Jessica and Bohdi, along with other delegates, will spend two days exploring the topic. During the two days, students will hear from experts, debate the main issues relating to the topic and vote in a mock referendum conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. The program includes the Prime Minister’s Welcome Reception at Parliament House, a meeting with the Governor-General, The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) at Government House and a dinner at the High Court of Australia.

Decisions made at the Convention will be incorporated into a Communiqué that will be forwarded to the President of the Senate, Senator Sue Lines and will then be tabled in Parliament.

Trinity College National Schools Constitutional Convention (NSCC) student attendees

#Trinity2Cambodia – Seeking Expressions of Interest

March 09, 2023

Don't miss your chance to join #trinity2cambodia!

Open to all Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12 students, the Trinity2Cambodia trip is a once in a life time opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Cambodia with a genuine purpose. The trip is scheduled during Term 4 between Sunday 3 December and Saturday 16 December.

What will you do when you get to Cambodia?

  • learn about sustainability and humanity
  • visit local schools
  • cycle around Angor Wat
  • work with Non-Government Organisations like MAG International
  • cycle around the township of Battambung
  • meet a pangolin and find out what is being done to save this endangered animal

If you’d like to find out more, send an expression of interest email to Mr Clayton at and please include:

  • your name
  • year level
  • school
  • a sentence about why you would like to join the team

Need a little more inspiration? Download the proposed itinerary or follow this link to watch a video!

Trinity College students during recent Trinity2Cambodia trip working with NGO

Trinity Says Au Revoir to French Visitors

March 09, 2023

This week the College bid farewell a group of visiting students and teachers from Mâcon in France who had been visiting Trinity College and South Australia.

During their stay the students were hosted by members of our school community so they could learn about day-to-day life and Australian culture. They've also attended classes at the College and Blackham as well as enjoyed visiting and experiencing many of Adelaide’s most iconic attractions including touring the Adelaide Oval, surfing at Middleton and snorkelling at Port Noarlunga. They've even had the opportunity to sample some delicious Australian cuisine including Tim Tams and vegemite.

The French Exchange is a biennial event on the College calendar and later this year, Trinity students will travel to France to experience day-to-day life and French culture while living with host families.

While in France, Trinity students will immerse themselves in the local culture, visit a number of local attractions as well as attend classes at Notre-Dame Ozanam school located in the Burgundy region near the east of the country.

Bon voyage to all travelling students, we can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

Blakeview Students Master the Kids Lit Quiz

March 08, 2023

On Tuesday this week, a group of Blakeview students participated in the local heat of the international Kids Lit Quiz competition for students aged 10 to 13 years.

Founded by New Zealand quizmaster Wayne Mills, teams of four students are asked to answer 100 questions on children’s literature divided into ten categories, which vary each year. The winning team from each heat goes on to compete at the national finals and national champions can then compete at the world final. Quizzes are held in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and USA.

On the day, three teams from Blakeview (nine Year 6 students and three Year 7 students) joined other teams from around Adelaide at Prince Alfred College. Everyone worked well in their teams, answered lots of questions and had lots of fun while also being great ambassadors for Trinity College.

The questions were grouped into ten rounds of ten questions with a wide range of categories asking about specific book characters, mythology, eggs, prisoners and many more themes. Students also had to select a bonus round before the quiz began that would be their opportunity to score double points. There was a lot of excitement during this round when Trinity Blakeview Team 1 scored a 20/10 for their round on 'characterisation' The only 20 score achieved by any team on the day!

After three hours of questions and fun, Trinity Blakeview Team 1 (Elyssa Kilvington, Tayla Meldrum and Lucas Andrews) finished a very worthy third place overall with the other two teams placing seventh and eleventh respectively. Well done to Team 2 and Team 3 members Evelyn Zielinski, Emma Meldrum, Kate Chebotarev, Curtis Ridsdale, Irene Raphy Chiramel, Keenan Hackett, Ronin Jarrett and Caitlyn Pye.

This is the first year any Trinity College student have participated in this event but it won’t be the last. Everyone is looking forward to participating in the event again next year and hope other students who have a love of books and literature will join them.