January, 2021

Gawler Rail Line Closures – Additional Services

January 22, 2021

Trinity College students will be impacted by temporary full and partial line closures of the Gawler line required between October 2020 and October 2021 to facilitate works for the upgrade project that cannot be safely undertaken with trains operating in the rail corridor. A full Gawler line closure will be in place between Saturday 26 December 2020 to Sunday 25 April 2021. During the Gawler line closure train substitute buses will operate between Adelaide and Gawler Central railway stations.

Trinity students who board and alight the Gawler train at Tambelin railway station can now catch a substitute bus located at Stop 165, Dawson Road.

Trinity students can access GA1 and additional 487 and 486 services to and from school. During the closure the train timetable will change and the travel time on substitute buses will be longer. Students will need to plan ahead, catch an earlier service and allow additional travel time.

Download a new timetable which includes GA1 and additional 486 and 487 school services that operate before and after school for Trinity students to access, as well as a flyer containing the future Gawler line closures.

For further information, please visit the Adelaide Metro website.