March, 2019

Erin is a Star in the Making

March 06, 2019

Year 12 student Erin Sowerby has won accolades as well as a standing ovation for her stunning performance in the one night only Adelaide Fringe show 19Adele25.

Erin was offered the opportunity by the show’s creator musical arranger, director and keyboardist Ray Lindon, who had heard about Erin through her vocal coach and previous performances.

“I have participated in several Fringe shows in the past, such as in The Honey-Bees and in various Promise Adelaide performances however, I have never had such an amazing opportunity like this and I will be forever grateful!” said Erin.

The show was reviewed by Daniel Knowles who wrote “It is such a shame this was a one-off event, but if the standing ovation and call for encore are anything to go by, this is not the last we will be seeing of young Erin Sowerby. With such an outstanding voice, and obvious charisma to work the stage and audience, it’s very safe to say we will be seeing a lot more to come!” Read his full review here.

Congratulations Erin, you’re definitely a star on the rise!

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