Senior School

A Trinity College Senior School Student.

Trinity College Senior (TCS) is a learning community committed to providing the finest in contemporary educational practice and offering the most appropriate learning opportunities for all its students. At TCS our focus is on understanding and valuing each student in a friendly, academically challenging environment.

Students are at the centre of learning at TCS and all decisions relating to university, VET and employment pathways, behaviour management, pastoral care and assessment are made with this in mind. This means programmes and courses are case managed to equip all students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to help them achieve individual long term goals.

As a Senior School dealing with mature young people, more emphasis is placed on self-discipline and taking responsibility for their own actions. The staff of TCS are committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and teaching expertise supporting students through the journey of their senior years.

Explore our wide range of educational opportunities and the pathways, including scholarships, available at Trinity College Senior and make the right choices.

Why Study at Trinity College?

Trinity College Senior acknowledges every young person is unique and so is their pathway through the senior years. Flexibility in educational opportunities is key to ensuring opportunities for successful academic outcomes for all students. From South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) subjects to VET programs and university pathways, Trinity College Senior will provide a world of opportunity for the future of our young people.

The SACE accreditation is an internationally recognised and respected senior secondary education qualification that equips students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities they need to progress to further learning and work as confident and responsible global citizens. Learn more about SACE here.

At least 60 credits at Stage 2 level (can be via three Stage 2 subjects, credits gained through VET, or a combination of both). The remaining 90 credits can be gained through additional Stage 1 or Stage 2 subjects, VET or a range of SACE Board-approved community learning. Discover more about the subjects offered at Trinity College Senior here.