FAQs North

Year Levels
Early Years - Year 10
Shirt Colour
HousesAngas/Beadell, Burton/Coombs,
Fatchen/Martin, May/McKinlay,
Saunders/Thiele and Warren/Witt
PrincipalMr John Robinson
Office Hours
Monday to Friday 8.15am – 4.00pm
Street Address
Alexander Avenue, Evanston South SA 5116
Postal Address
PO Box 131, Gawler SA 5118
Absentees8522 0632
CanteenLunch orders should be placed in the bags provided by the canteen

Monday to Friday 6.30am – 8.40am
Monday to Friday 3.15pm – 6.30pm
Contact: 8523 8760 or gawleroshc@trinity.sa.edu.au

Library Hours
8.30am to 4.30pm
School Counsellor Clare Clayton - 8523 8123
School Chaplain
Rev’d Craig Loveday - 0457 256 286