LAP Mentoring

What is LAP Mentoring?

LAP is a student-centred and volunteer-based mentoring programme designed to assist schools to implement one-to-one learning that supports, guides and enriches the wellbeing and learning outcomes of students from the Early Years to Year 12. It focuses on the wellbeing, academic, social and emotional needs of students through the powerful and positive contribution of mentors.

LAP involves the pairing of nominated students from Early Years to Year 10 with a volunteer mentor from the community or a senior student (Year 10, 11 or 12) mentor. Nominated students and their mentors work together for one lesson per week, over an extended period of time, allowing them the opportunity to build a trusting relationship that assists in the learning process. Time spent with a mentor is intended to enhance the educational experience of the child, by providing them the opportunity to learn in an interactive and creative way that they enjoy and is more individualized to their interests and needs than is possible in the busy classroom setting..

LAP was founded in South Australia more than 40 years ago. It is an internationally recognized and awarded program, winning the UNESCO award for Best Educational School Programme in 2013. The philosophy of LAP is just as relevant now as when it was first developed.

Who can Access LAP?

LAP aims to support any student who may benefit from an opportunity to build a positive relationship with a mentor. A mentor may be valuable for some students because they are facing challenges that could potentially affect their learning; such as emotional or social concerns, a sense of disconnection or dislike of school, or a difficulty in an area of learning. Others may benefit from the support of a mentor to nurture a special skill or talent or build their self-confidence.

LAP at Trinity College

More than 100 students each year receive one-to-one mentoring through LAP. LAP at Trinity has developed a reputation for excellence in positive relationships, confidence building and skill development.

Becoming a LAP Mentor

We are seeking enthusiastic and committed volunteers to become LAP Mentors. LAP Mentors are not required to have any formal qualifications and are matched with a suitable student by the LAP Co-ordinator based on common interests or skills. LAP Co-ordinators provide ongoing support and can facilitate any training that may be of benefit to volunteer mentors.