Trinity Students Excel at Mind Lab Olympics

August 14, 2023

Trinity College students excelled at the recent Mind Lab Olympics securing 10 of the possible 24 medals on offer.

The Mind Lab Program is a collection of hands-on strategy games that develop cognitive, emotional and social skills through play.

Students from Trinity College Blakeview, Trinity College Gawler River and Trinity College North joined students from St Peter’s Girls, Wilderness School and Pulteney Grammar to play seven rounds of four games (Abalone, Quoridor, Checkers and Octi) in two divisions Premier and Division 1. Students competed individually for medals and as a team for a place. Trinity College students were able to bring home three gold, five silver and two bronze medals.

Not only did the students make us proud with their critical thinking skills to achieve fantastic results, they were outstanding in their social interactions, level of respect and beautiful manners that they displayed to all other adults and competitors. It was a very successful day!

Premier Division - Individual

  • Abalone - Lucas Andrews (Silver)
  • Quoridor - Sam Johns (Bronze)
  • Checkers - Lucy Winchester (Gold)
  • Octi - Larissa Xanthopoulos + Ashmit Dileesh (Gold)

Premier Division - Overall Team

  • 2nd - Trinity College North
  • 3rd - Trinity College Blakeview
  • 7th Trinity College Gawler River

Division 1 - Individual

  • Abalone - Alex Nguyen + Pearl Sachdeva (Silver)
  • Quoridor - Elise Livingstone (Silver)
  • Quoridor - Sam Keen (Bronze)
  • Checkers - Griffin Scott (Silver)

Division 1 - Overall

  • 2nd – Trinity College North
  • 3rd – Trinity College Blakeview
  • 6th – Trinity College Gawler River
Trinity Students achieving at Mind Lab Olympics 2023
The Trinity College North Team finished in second place in both the Premier Division and Division 1 at the Mind Lab Olympics