Trinity Students Excel at Generations in Jazz

May 08, 2023

Last week students in the Stage Band 1 and our Jazz Vocal Ensemble travelled to Mount Gambier to attend the Generations in Jazz event. Competing with over 4500 other students from 83 schools from all states, our music students were immersed in a world of jazz unlike anything they had experienced before.

Congratulations to Andrew Newhouse and the Stage Band 1 who took out second place in their division - an enormous achievement that we were not expecting.

While the Vocal Ensemble didn’t place in the top three, they achieved the fifth highest score in a division with 27 other schools. The level of performance in the vocal division was exceptionally high, so this result is also huge and we couldn’t be prouder of the students in this group!

The feedback from the adjudicator was very positive and this group performed the best they have ever performed.

And finally, each Stage Band division selects individuals from all the schools to form a superband - similar to the All Australian AFL team selection. These selections are incredibly difficult to receive and I am so excited to report that Elyse Fechner (Year 9) was selected on trumpet for the superband and incredible achievement!

We had an amazing weekend and thanks must go to Andrew Newhouse for his work with the Stage Band and for his support of this trip and music and Trinity.

It was never about winning for our Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble but performing at their best and learning, growing and developing from the experience.

Source: Kristy Triantafilakis, Director of Co-Curricular Music