Teaching How Mathematics Connects with Culture

March 10, 2022

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has released new examples of how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures intersect with the Mathematics curriculum. Trinity teachers have taken the initiative to develop their understanding of the meeting place between (western) mathematics and First Nations Peoples' Histories and Cultures and importantly, how it can be taught in the classroom.

The Association for Independent Schools in South Australia (AISSA) is coordinating the project, which involves professional learning, bespoke school-based coaching sessions and action inquiry, using the Goompi model to connect mathematics and culture, and to investigate ways to enrich mathematics teaching and learning as well as provide a more culturally responsive curriculum experience for students (and teachers).

Trinity is one of five schools from different Aboriginal Nations across the state to be part of this project. We will be part of a network of support to AISSA member schools located in diverse communities, as well as providing useful feedback to ACARA in relation to the appropriateness of the elaborations for different Nations.

Trinity College, through its Reconciliation Action Plan, is committed to Reconciliation with Australia's First Nations Peoples. Engaging in this project with Aboriginal partners will provide Trinity teachers with increased knowledge and understanding about the mathematics curriculum content and their interface with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures and teachers are wanting to know how to authentically, appropriately and sensitively incorporate First Nations knowledges into their teaching. It's difficult when you don't know how or are not the keeper of this knowledge how to do it. We wanted to participate in this project to bring more of that know-how into classrooms. The project began on Wednesday 2 March and runs over the course of this year.

ACARA meeting at Adelaide private schools Trinity College