Old Scholars Return for Careers Day

June 24, 2022

On Monday this week the College hosted our annual career advice event for students in Senior school with a special afternoon session for Year 10 students known as “A Day in the Life."

It was a particular pleasure to welcome back so many old scholars for this event. Of the 33 occupations represented, 23 of our guest speakers were old scholars who all offered insight into careers as diverse as business ownership, marketing, graphic design, medicine, social work, journalism, engineering, game design, veterinary medicine, science, health, policing and crime prevention, the defence force and architecture.

Our old scholar presenters were also joined by a number of current parents and corporate supporters of the College. The afternoon sessions were all well attended and very valuable for our students. I thank everyone involved for their time and expertise, these sessions really can and do make a difference. In addition to individual presentations, students were also able to speak with representatives from South Australian tertiary education institutions to explore further options and pathways.

I understand feedback from our Year 10 students has been overwhelmingly positive with many especially enjoying the opportunity to ask questions about the day to day reality of their dream jobs. For many students this has reaffirmed their future pathway while prompting other students to investigate further education or careers they had previously not considered.