Immersive Incursion for Year 5 Students

June 08, 2023

Year 5 students from Gawler River enjoyed an incursion to the Trinity Innovation and Creativity School recently that offered them a unique learning experience over two days.

By investigating and solving problems, applying creativity, reflecting on decision-making and working collaboratively, students had the opportunity to explore the cosmos and unleash their potential.

Students embarked on a thrilling journey through space-themed challenges including designing spacecraft, podcasting information reports, identifying the orbits of other planets, exploring space via virtual reality headsets and accessing Merge Cubes to expand their knowledge. The activities encouraged imaginative solutions and critical thinking, pushing students to surpass traditional boundaries and embrace their own ingenuity. Through teamwork, students discovered the power of collective intelligence and the importance of each team member's contribution.

Students developed essential skills applicable in various domains, gaining confidence to approach challenges with an open mind. Events such as this empower students to thrive in a complex world, nurturing a new generation of innovative thinkers.

Source: Year 5 Teachers Jordan Braithwaite & Kim Dawes