2021 Valedictory Service

November 30, 2021
Riley Hately and Meazza Otto, 2021 Year 12 Service Award winners

On Wednesday 24 November the Class of 2021 gathered with family and friends to celebrate their collective achievement as well as acknowledge award winners.

Formalities where held in the South gym and, while the event had to be scaled down due to ongoing COVID restrictions, this did not dampen the spirits and enthusiasm of all those in attendance.

We wish the Class of 2021 all the best in their future endeavors and thank them all for their contribution to College life.

Darcie Jakob Ella
Left to right: Darcie Hancock (David Strange Memorial Award), Jakob Schmidtke (ADF Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award), Ella Bond ( Vocational Student of the Year)
Alexis Jett Jessica
Left to right: Alexis Wright (Pointons Business Award), Jett Carlin (Sports Person of the Year), Jessica Ridenti (VET Achievement Award)
Matthew Jodie Noah
Left to right: Matthew Cole (Murial Matters Award), Jodie Day (School Based Traineeship Award), Noah Lanau (ORORA Science Award)
Rachel Rutendo Yaxin
Left to right: Rachel Savage (VET Community Achievement Award), Rutendo Maringa (St Francis Living Faith Award), Gin Xiao (CDW Art & Design Award)