Our Commitment to Cultural Safety and Inclusion

December 01, 2022

As an Anglican school, Trinity College’s values are founded on Christian teaching and tradition. Our community engagement, positive social impact and uplifting educational opportunities are all sources of great pride as we actively seek to live our mission of being genuinely open to all.

Every school has its own beliefs and values and as a College, we recognise the platform and responsibility we have to promote inclusivity and diversity. We have made a commitment to continuing conversations and learning using our resources to connect members of our community. We pride ourselves on our dedication to diversity and inclusion across all facets of our College and this year the Trinity College Cultural Safety and Inclusion Enrichment Plan was published. This plan looks to build dignity and respect for all people. Our goal is for inclusion, diversity, belonging and flourishing to be synonymous with our College.

Private school Adelaide Trinity College Junior School tug-of-war

The Cultural Safety and Inclusion Enrichment Plan was borne from the College’s determination to build on our commitment to diversity and inclusion and, to constantly seek improvement and growth. The plan looks to build dignity and respect for all people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation or ability.

Additionally, the plan aims to support inclusivity across our College and in the broader community, including increasing opportunities and acknowledgement for all students, staff, volunteers and supporters regardless of their background.

Cultural safety and inclusion as recognised within the plan include religious tolerance and understanding, gender equity, Frist Nations, multicultural, LGBTQ+ and people with disability or special needs.

The Trinity College Cultural Safety and Inclusion Enrichment Plan builds on the College’s Reconciliation Action Plan which is being further developed to build a culture of equity, respect and recognition of the cultures, histories and contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and to stand as a beacon to the community around us. Diverse perspectives will be sought to ensure lived experiences inform these action items.