2023 Intercol St Michael’s Vs Trinity Open Results

August 24, 2023

After a week of excellent and fierce competition the results of the 2023 St Michael’s College/Trinity College intercol delivered a draw with wins for Trinity in boys soccer, boys football and boys basketball and wins for St Michael’s in girls netball, girls basketball and girls football.

These intercollegiate relationships are uniquely South Australian with the St Michael’s vs Trinity competition beginning only ten years ago. While our competition is relatively new, many of our students clearly displayed a commitment which shows this competition is very important to them.

The closeness of the results and the ferocity of the competition in netball, soccer and football was amazing.

Open Teams - Results + Medallist

St Michael’s 51 def Trinity 22

Trinity’s task against one of the best teams in the state was always going to be a tough one. The teams met earlier in the year without an important Trinity piece and that gave the team hope that this game would be more competitive.

However, a nervy start with some unforced turnovers saw us down 9-0 early. After a timeout, Trinity played St Mick’s tough until the third quarter, staying within touch at around ten points. Then St Michael’s unleashed their full-court pressure and blew the game open, eventually cruising in the fourth quarter for the final margin. Jess DuRandt and Keely Wiseman were outstanding defensively, and Intercol Medallist Kelly Matiop rebounded well and controlled the paint with some big blocked shots.

In the end, our inability to score was the main factor, but comprising mostly of Year 10s and Year 11s, experience against strong teams like St Mick’s provide valuable learning and act as a road map for where we want to be.

Intercol Medallists

  • Trinity College - Kelly Matiop
  • St Michael's College - Sophie Barker
Intercol Trinity College and St Michael's College girls basketball teams

St Michael’s 5.6.26 def Trinity 0.1.1

The future is looking very bright for Trinity girls football with only Year 10 and Year 9 players fronting up for the Open Girls Intercol game. Unfortunately, we lost a number of important players including all of our Year 11 girls before we got to the ground, making an already tough game just a little tougher. After losing to St Michael’s in a couple of close matches in our regular season, the Intercol game was sure to be a great contest.

Trinity came out hard in the first quarter and had some control of the ball however, we were unable to turn this control into a good score. St Michael’s got the upper hand in the next two quarters, before we were able to gain control again in the last quarter and stop their scoring. It was a tough game in slippery conditions and all the girls should be commended on their efforts against a much older and experienced opposition with many of the girls playing in their first Intercol football match. Holly Tralaggan was outstanding in the midfield and was chosen as the best player on the ground.

Intercol Medallists

  • Trinity College - Holly Tralaggan
  • St Michael's College - Hayley Conlon
Intercol Trinity Open Girls Football team

St Michael’s 53 def Trinity 51

With St Michael’s heading into state knockout finals the following week, our girls went into the game feeling like the underdogs and, with our team going from 12 to 9 through last minute injuries we certainly didn’t have the full side we had hoped for. However, the girls turned up to the gym positive and fired up for a big game! Intercol brings a special energy every year and the girls take such pride in wearing their Trinity uniform to play in this competitive, yet respectful rivalry.

St Michael’s scored a couple of quick ones early through some ball handling errors of Trinity, and within the first five minutes had a five-goal lead. Trinity then pulled in some strong rebounds and capitalised on some missed goals from St Michael’s to finish the first quarter within three.

Our starting line-up played a strong first half and we decided to make some changes to keep fresh legs and strong drives through our C position and test out our up and coming year 10 GK with some height to continue to pull in rebounds.

Trinity applied relentless defensive pressure across all four quarters and found their groove to show off our speed and flair through the attack end. All players took the court today and for the final quarter we were able to have all leaving Year 12s on the court, four of them had been in the Academy Netball Program at the College since at least Year 7.

Going into the last quarter Trinity were eight goals down but they dug deep and found another gear in defence, smothering St Michael’s with contested pressure and rewarding themselves by working it down to a shot on goal. This effort saw a massive change in the score line, with Trinity working their way to within one goal with around two minutes left on the clock. Unfortunately, St Michael’s scored off their own C passes and finished the game with a two-goal win. Both teams showed great skill, tenacity and competitive sportsmanship for the whole 60 minutes, and I was extremely proud of the Trinity girls’ effort and the way they never gave up.

Intercol Medallists

  • Trinity College - Ebony De Kort
  • St Michael’s College - Georgie Blades
Intercol Trinity Open Girls Netball team

Trinity 87 def St Michael’s 47

The open boys basketball contest brewed as an interesting battle after the previous weekend’s SAAS finals results – St Michael’s took out the Div 2 championship, whilst Trinity faltered and finished runner-up in the Div 1 final. It hasn’t been close for the last few years, but with a young and emerging St Michael’s group, Trinity was on notice that the Intercol gap was closing.

However, right from the start Trinity’s size, strength and speed were a huge factor in the game. Trinity dominated inside and the St Michael’s team was left to bomb away from the perimeter to try and exert scoreboard pressure. Trinity cruised to a 20+ point lead early in the third quarter but a flurry of threes from St Michael’s medallist Noah Woolcock drew the game back to 12 points before a concerted effort to score inside the key broke the game open again for the final margin.

Trinity’s Agok Panther was very disciplined and patient at the offensive end, acting as a quarterback from the low post and his voice and leadership on defence kept us organised down that end. Michael Herjok was aggressive offensively for a team-high 15 points, whilst Deng Manyang was also dominant close to the basket. Scorers were Michael Herjok 15, Deng Manyang 13, Kaui Deng 12, Makai Dornford 10 and Charlie Forgione 10.

Intercol Medallists

  • Trinity College - Agok Panther
  • St Michael's College - Noah Woolcock
Intercol Trinity and St Michaels Open Boys Basketball teams

Trinity College 13.9.87 def St Michaels 8.8.56

The sun was shining for the biggest game of the year and the boys from Trinity were ready to take the points. After a pre-game like no other, with the Year 12s talking about each other and the boys certainly took the ground with energy to burn! A fierce first quarter with the scores locked away at 1.4 each at quarter time. It was Trinity kicking with the wind and with the majority of the ball, but unfortunately the scoreboard didn’t show the dominance.

St Michael’s clearly the best team in the second quarter, leading the game by ten points at halftime, with Trinity wrestling back momentum to take a two-point lead at the last break.

An exciting start to the final term with Aidan Schubert bagging consecutive goals and defender turn forward Enrique Mazzeo doing the exact same thing. But it was the class of Trinity’s leaders Trent Tattoli, Isaac Downie, Lachlan Hewlett, Jai Arnold and best on ground Jack Collins that lead the Lions to victory. Jack Collins played across half-back all day, always vocal, precise by foot and courage in the air. Trinity’s ruckman Kuai Deng and young defenders Mason Dohnt and Bailey Blacker were amongst the best players all day. A huge win for the boys to cap off an incredible season of footy. Best players: Jack Collins, Trent Tattoli, Kuai Deng, Aidan Schubert and Jai Arnold. Goal scorers: Aidan Schubert 3, Lachlan Hewlett 2, Kuai Deng 2, Enrique Mazzeo 2, Trent Tattoli 1, Asher Pasin 1, Charlie Scolyer 1 and Wil Tag 1.

Intercol Medallists

  • Trinity College - Jack Collins
  • St Michael's College - Will Ashton
Intercol Trinity and St Michaels Open Boys Football teams

Trinity 3 def St Michael’s 2

Looking to go six wins in a row in soccer, it was Trinity that had a poor start when a stray pass from midfield put St Michael’s through for a one on one. Trinity were 0-1 down in the first few minutes. Trinity continued to have large amounts of possession throughout the first half but were unable to create good opportunities going forward as they tried to solve the problem on the small congested pitch. White equalised before the break to go in at 1-1.

Trinity looked to spread the game wider and with more depth in possession. More effort was also needed in the second half and after Ryan Hooker put pressure on the goal keeper Lachlan Docherty tapped it home for the lead. St Michael’s equalised on the counter, before some poor choices put Trinity down to 10 men. Even with less players Trinity continued to control possession looking for a winner in normal time. A St Michael’s defender was also sent off and the 10 v10 opened the game up further in Trinity’s favour. Ryan White ran along the end line and sealed the win and his back to back Intercol medal.

A fitting end and goodbye to all graduating Year 12s; Sam Adejo, Lachlan Docherty, Felix Haron, Blake Harris, Mark Hooker, Ryan Hooker, Kyle Marley-McFall, Ryan White.

Intercol Medallists

  • Trinity College - Ryan White
  • St Michael's College - Johnny Finamore
Intercol Trinity and St Michaels First XI Boys soccer teams