2022 Presentation Ball

September 16, 2022

What a night! The Trinity College Presentation Ball was held last Saturday at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

This much-loved annual dinner and dance tradition is when Year 11 students are introduced to the community as young adults. First held in 1988, last year was the only year since then that the event did not take place due to interruptions caused by COVID. As a consequence, so that the Year 11 students from 2021 who are now our current Year 12 students did not miss out, they joined their Year 11 contemporaries for this special celebration and the night came together brilliantly!

A good deal of preparation takes place prior to the event with students not only spending time choosing their attire, they also attend after school practice with their Ball partners to perfect a number of traditional ballroom dances. The culmination of all this hard work and, a highlight of the evening for many students and their families, is the Trinity Waltz where students dance with a parent.

While the Presentation Ball is not a compulsory event on the Trinity College calendar it is always a memorable and very enjoyable occasion for all who attend. In previous years, even students who may have felt an event of this type is not something that would generally be of interest to them, have reported “they had a ball” and are exceptionally glad they did choose to attend!