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Co Curricular

Sports, Cultural and other Co-curricular Activities

Our broad and balanced curriculum is supported by specialist facilities and services. We believe these activities are a vital part of a student's education as they provide a healthy diversion from academic and vocational studies and, in many cases, unearth hidden talents and abilities. All students are encouraged to choose at least one cultural and one physical activity to complement their academic learning programme, with activities generally run at the end of the school day. Sporting activities, equine programmes, concert bands, drama groups, cooking schools, craft workshops, computing, overseas language tours and public speaking activities are just some of those on offer, ensuring all students' interests and needs are catered for.

Online Enrolment Sport, Co Curricula and STARplex Activities

Trinity College offers our community the ability to nominate online for summer and winter sport, co curricula and STARplex activities at any time. Every student must complete the nomination process. Students in Years 2 to 12 complete the process at school. Reception and Year 1 students need to complete the process at home with parents (using the student's username and login, not the family's login). Username and login details for junior school students are available from their class teachers.

Summer/Winter Sports Nominations

Please familiarise yourself with the Playing Sport for the College Policy. If you play a sport outside the College, you must also play that sport for the College. Requests for exemptions must be in writing to the Director of Sport. See due dates for exemption letters and other important online nomination dates here.

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tel: (08) 8522 0666
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