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School Life

North Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8.15 am to 4.15 pm
P (08) 8522 0632
F (08) 8522 0617
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Download a map of the Gawler site here.

Teaching Staff

Download the 2018 Staff List here.


Lesson 1 - 8:50am
Lesson 2 - 9:40am
Pastoral Care - 10:30am
Recess - 10:50am-11:10am
Lesson 3 - 11:10am
Lesson 4 - 12:00pm
Lunch - 12:50pm-1:35pm
Lesson 5 - 1:35pm
Lesson 6 - 2:25pm
Finish - 3:15pm
Co-curricula - 3:30pm-4:35pm

Parents and Friends Committee

Trinity College North has an active Parents and Friends organisation that supports the work of the school in many ways. Working bees, fundraising activities, reading support and school excursions are just some of the ways parents can be involved. The committee meets about once a month and actively supports the development and activities of the school and College. 

Pedestrian Safety In Carparks

The College seeks to keep students and cars apart but the problem area is carparks. Students should not walk through carparks or cross roads without using the safe pedestrian rules of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK.

  • Look towards oncoming traffic.
  • Walk with care. Never assume a driver has seen you.
  • Look for turning vehicles.
  • Turning motorists must give way to pedestrians - but as a pedestrian, don't assume they will.
  • Never assume a driver will stop.
  • Avoid crossing between parked cars.
  • Please avoid walking through carparks or crossing Trinity Drive.
  • Use pedestrian crossings.
  • Download a map for walking new Trinity College Senior safely here.

Seeking Volunteer Traffic Monitors

Trinity College is seeking a volunteers from our school community to act as Traffic Monitors at the Alexander Avenue Emu Crossing. We have some concerns about pedestrian safety in regard to this crossing both from parents and the Town of Gawler. The Traffic Monitor would regulate the flow of pedestrians to ensure a fair go for both pedestrians and drivers. Find out more here.

Application For Exemption from School Enrolment

The South Australian Education Act 1972 requires that children of compulsory school age be enrolled at school. A condition of that enrolment is that students are required to fully participate in the education program arranged and approved by the enrolling school. Participation includes engagement and attendance as required by the program. Principals have delegated authority (from the Minister) to approve applications for temporary exemption from education program attendance for periods up to one calendar month. Applications for absence from enrolment must be made to the school Principal in writing. To apply for an extended absence from school download an Application for Exemption from School Enrolment form and submit to the Principal.

Do You Qualify For a Scholarship?

There are a variety of ways Trinity College and the Foundation can help your family. Scholarships and awards are one such way. Trinity College and the Foundation also offer bursaries to assist families who might be suffering financial hardship. These bursaries can be applied for confidentially and recipient's names are never published. Learn more here.

Alexander Avenue
Evanston South SA 5116
tel: (08) 8522 0666
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / FIND US