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At Trinity Blakeview we recognise that children learn in different ways and that every child has different strengths and goals. We are committed to tailoring stimulating and challenging educational courses to suit the needs of individual students, catering for a variety of learning styles through programmes which support special learning needs and gifted and talented students.   We are a co-educational, Reception to Year 10, school.

Junior School (Early Years to Year 6)

Traditional teaching methods are used in our Junior Schools to develop competence and confidence in literacy and numeracy. Experimental and experiential activities are adopted to develop creativity and understanding in other areas of a broad and balanced contemporary curriculum. Children can enrol in Reception from five to six years of age.

Middle School (Years 7 -10)

In Middle School students make a coordinated transition from working with a full-time class teacher to learning from an increasing number of teachers who are subject specialists. From Year 7, the primary pastoral care structure for students becomes the House system rather than the class teacher.

Health, Physical Education, Religious and Values Education and, in Year 10, the Personal Learning Programme, in addition to the core subjects of English, Geography, History, Mathematics and Science are all compulsory elements of the Middle School curriculum. Agriculture, Art and Design, Chinese or French, Dance, Drama, Information and Communications Technology, Home Economics, Music, Outdoor Education and Technology are available to students as options.

Alexander Avenue
Evanston South SA 5116
tel: (08) 8522 0666
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