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Montessori Preschool is fortunate to be within the grounds of Trinity College.  This allows for many opportunities to interact with the College programme and inspires our young learners to view musical performances, visit the agricultural farm, listen to unique guest speakers, pop into the library, participate in dance and drama performances, learn about pool safety at STARplex and explore other playgrounds.

Activity time program

As well as art and craft, construction games and drawing activities, the children are free to choose their own activities inside from our prepared environment which fosters their desire to experiment and learn. The equipment that your child uses will help them develop concentration, coordination, and working habits which will stand them in good stead for all future learning.

The program is purposefully structured to reinforce self-discipline, independence, responsibility of equipment, manners, cooperation and the caring and respect for others and their environment.  All activities are 'hands on' and include all areas of the curriculum for example: Practical Life Activities, Art and Craft, Science, Geography, Social Studies, Technology, Maths and Language.

All children have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs or in small groups. The staff will observe, interact and invite children to take part in individually planned lessons. Records and checklists are kept of individual progress and necessary follow up which is discussed with parents on a regular basis.

Alexander Avenue
Evanston South SA 5116
tel: (08) 8522 0666
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