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Trinity College has a very large and vibrant Music Program led by a team of dedicated and talented teachers.

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Classroom Curriculum

Students study music in the classroom from the beginning of their school career. In Year 4, students learn to read music and play with others by learning the recorder. In Year 6 they move on to the keyboard, Year 7 the guitar and Year 8 the drums, by which time the students are playing in small rock ensembles.

In Years 9 and 10, music becomes an elective subject. Students develop their ensemble performance skills through participating in a range of class ensembles including concert bands, vocal groups, rock bands and small chamber music ensembles. Students studying this course are also encouraged to participate in the College Co-Curricular Music Program.

Year 9 and 10 music students are assessed regularly as a soloist on their instrument and may be expected to perform as soloists for College music nights and other College events.  Year 9 and 10 music students develop their aural and theoretical skills, use the Sibelius computer software program to arrange and compose music and study a general overview of the history of music and music in context in today's society. The Year 9 and 10 music course leads to music in Years 11 and 12 and to the Conservatorium.

Extra-curricular Music

Across the College there are a number of Junior School and Middle School Choirs providing an excellent Senior Choir in the Senior School and offering opportunities through musicals. Year 4 students are encouraged to take up a band instrument and join the band program almost immediately. Across the College we have 14 graded bands culminating in the Senior Band and the Stage Band, both performing at a high standard.

As well as the band and choir programs, a number of smaller groups run in the school; rock bands arising out of the Music in Industry Program and instrumental groups such as the Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble and Clarinet Ensemble. To support this large practical program we have an instrumental music program consisting of 33 instrumental staff teaching over 800 students.

Within the College, we have several concerts through the year. These vary from the College Music Night, to School Music Nights to Class Band concerts and the instrumental teachers put on concerts for their students. We also perform at a number of community events and eisteddfods.

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