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Trinity College Drama productions provide students and our community with vibrant cultural experiences across a range of theatrical styles. Well established and purpose built facilities at each of the schools enable the presentation of productions that are unique to their school, while still enabling students to work in partnership on whole College enterprises.


The four Reception to Year 10 schools offer an identical course, with individual focuses being adopted by each school according to the needs of their students and the particular cultural aspects that may be promoted by the respective school.

The course aims to develop group work skills, encourage creative expression and foster personal organisation and reliability. For the individual student, the course aims to develop skills onstage as a performer and/or offstage in direction and technical work. At an analytical level students are taught how to observe and analyse live performance.

Students will experience a range of activities that build concentration and confidence, provide opportunities for small and large group improvisation and large group production and which include visits to live theatre and review and production essay writing.

Drama is offered as an elective subject for students from Year 9 to Year 12. No prerequisites are required for movement through the curriculum in the Middle School. Drama in the Senior School is governed by SACE requirements as dictated by the PES Drama Studies and SAS Drama course curricula.

Drama is also offered as an experiential learning opportunity on an individual school basis, from Year 6 onwards.

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Throughout the course of the academic year students in Years 8 to 12 are engaged in the rigour of producing productions performed to the wider community. Students experience all aspects of production ranging from technical production, light and sound, acting and script writing, through to catering, front of house and ticketing.

Each of the four schools offers independent productions. Whole College productions enable students to participate in vertical age group experiences that bridge all aspects of the Performing Arts.

With a long history of excellence in drama performance, opportunities continue to evolve for experimentation in state of the art live theatre across the full width of performance possibility.


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