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Trinity College prides its self on a strong academic record and continued success in vocational training. In the Senior School over 49 subjects are taught giving students numerous pathways of success.

Trinity College wishes to congratulate all Year 12 students on their results for 2016, 287 students achieved their SACE. See a full list of results here.

  • The top 13 students achieved an ATAR above 97, placing them in the top 3% of Australia.
  • 56 students received an ATAR above 90, placing them in the top 10% of Australia, this is the equal highest number in the history of the College. Amazingly another 10 students scored 89.0 and 89.9!
  • 446 'A' grades were achieved.
  • Four learning support students achieved their Modified SACE, an outstanding result.

2016 Results
Image: (L to R) John Davey, Dylan Crouch, Sarah Mitchell, Emily Whenan, Johann Nielson, Holly Verdon, Elizabeth McDonald, Jaimee Francis, Rhys Hankinson.

Trinity College Top 10 ATARs

John Davey - 99.75
Emily Whenan - 99.5
Erin Marasco - 99.1
Liam Matthew - 98.75
Nathalie Johnstone - 98.55
Elizabeth McDonald - 98.3
Elaine Garrett - 98.25
Dylan Crouch - 98.1
Johann Nielsen - 97.75
Holly Verdon - 97.75

College Dux

In 2016 the College Dux is John Davey with an ATAR of 99.75. John will receive two Merit Certificates in Physics and Research Project and and A+ in Chemistry, Specialits Mathematics and Maths Methods.

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